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(It’s a lot more than you think.)

Keynote Speaker Kendra Prospero sheds light on the scary truth.


When your employees quit, costs go up. It’s not just a people problem, it’s the bottom line. 


Let Kendra show you how to grow your business and keep your employees happy without sacrificing one for the other. 

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Losing Good Employees Costs You Money.


Research by SHRM suggests that replacement costs can be as high as 50%-60% with overall costs ranging anywhere from 90%-200%. Example: If an employee makes $60,000 per year then it costs an average of $30,000 - $45,000 just to replace that employee and roughly $54,000 - $120,000 in overall losses to the company.

Kendra is a charismatic and pragmatic keynote speaker who disentangles the People Revolution™ and helps Founders and CEOs become leaders who build great places to work. Audiences love her no-nonsense approach and action-oriented presentations that offer both inspiration and actual tools they can use right away in their own lives and businesses.

Kendra’s client list includes both Fortune 500 and startups alike, including Google, Infusionsoft, Ricoh USA, Project Management Institute, Galvanize, Boomtown, SurveyGizmo, and SHRM Colorado.


Kendra is a Member of the National Speakers Association and serves on the board of directors for the Colorado chapter.

Meet Kendra

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Speaker and CEO Kendra Prospero empowers organizations and leaders to build winning teams and transform their company cultures in the process.

Kendra Prospero is a human resources expert who delivers highly engaging keynote presentations that help founders and leaders transform how they think and feel about work. She knows employers benefit when their team members feel included, are happier, and are more productive. Her philosophy is that we give up the best hours of our days and years of our lives for work, and we should love our jobs.


Her signature keynote is The People Revolution.


The 3 key takeaways from this presentation are: 

  • Address the overwhelm and confusion around attracting and retaining your top talent.

  • Put into action your plan to leverage your culture’s strengths into a competitive advantage.

  • Chart your new path to profitability and happier employees.

Audiences love Kendra’s straightforward approach to keeping employee engagement a top priority for leaders. Her gifts include helping leaders understand how to create the conditions for their employees to thrive, and how that turns into profit. Every organization needs to get ahead of the curve to ensure they are an employer of choice. 


Before founding Turning the Corner, an award-winning Human Resources consulting firm and “Best Place to Work”, Kendra worked for many years as a Software Engineer for IBM but felt she was struggling in a career that left her dying on the vine. Turning the Corner is a result of her following her passion for helping others as the CEO and Founder of one of the few firms in the nation that supports growing small businesses with all their people needs.  


Kendra loves helping people get results, leading her team to greater places, and challenging us all to change the world one job at a time.

Talk Topics

Talk Topics

The People Revolution: How to End Suffering In the Workplace

For too long, well-meaning Founders and CEOs have had to lead through Chronic People Problems resulting in fragmented company cultures, sleepless nights, and less than stellar employee performance.


Imagine a new world where every employee not only fills a job gap but propels your company forward. But how?


In this unique and eye-opening keynote, Kendra Prospero provides the remedy for any businesses with employees. The solution is her signature 5-Part CEO Path to a Profitable Culture™ that is adaptable and flexible.


  • Address the overwhelm and confusion around attracting and retaining your top talent.

  • Put into action your plan to leverage your culture’s strengths into a competitive advantage.

  • Chart your new path to profitability and happier employees.

Get Off the Recruiting Treadmill

Every growing company is looking for talent right now, and the task of filling open positions is overwhelming and daunting. More than ever, the hiring process can be time-consuming, costly, and discouraging for a busy leader. Your organization’s success depends on your ability to hire and retain top talent, yet it can take months to fill a single position—and then, how do you really know the person is right? Finding great talent is more of a science than an art, yet many leaders struggle to fill roles. Additionally, if you have a revolving door of talent and you’re struggling to keep people, this makes your hiring process even more challenging.

I am a CEO, Founder, and Recruiter and I have personally recruited for hundreds of positions. This practical and inspiring talk pulls from my 11-year journey building a company where I have a constant pipeline of great candidates, have little turnover, a culture that is admired, is profitable and I work less than a 40-hour week. If I can do it, you can too!

On Becoming More

Most leaders find a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiative to be important and also find it daunting. You know that there is value in having a more diverse team, but most leaders have little idea around how to do it - the efforts to hire, promote, train, and retain a diverse team people seem like too much with little impact. The journey begins with a single step, and it is possible to create a diverse team with time and effort.

I am a founder too, and this practical and inspiring talk pulls from my 11-year journey building a company where I have diverse representation from every member of my team. Plus, we have little turnover, a culture that is admired, is profitable and I work less than a 40-hour week. If I can do it, you can too!

Building a Bench of Talent

The biggest challenge with succession planning is helping the leadership team get out of their own way. We will start with the leader to help them identify how their thoughts and behaviors affect their ability to develop others. We will identify critical positions that need to be developed and how to get to a deliberate future state. We will also talk about what kinds of qualities make for a good successor including how they align with the mission and the values of the organization. Finally, we will explore how to mentor and coach a middle management team in such a way that growth is a natural byproduct.



“Kendra delivered one of the most talked-about sessions during the 2018 Spring CGAIT conference. She inspired our members, gave them the push they needed to take their hiring to the next level and left them with a greater perspective on building a team with “no jerks”. She did her research on our industry and delivered hands-on tactics our members could take home and implement right away. Kendra is a brilliant speaker and personable individual. Funny, motivating, relatable and knowledgeable.”

Colorado Govern. Assoc. of Information Technology

"Kendra's workshop was THE best speech I have heard at Vistage to date. Now I see that all business problems are people problems. I took away actionable things that I was able to put into use that day.  She really transformed the way I think and interact with my staff. I highly recommend bringing Kendra to your event."

Natalie Henley

V9 Digital

“I can’t thank you enough for coming and presenting such relevant information. Every attendee left with something. 2 things jumped out at me. You live what you preach. This gave you instant credibility. I also liked how you were able to reconcile 2 somewhat conflicting values – family-friendly and results. Some people preach culture more naively. I see your more realistic model as a key reality of building a healthy culture. Finally, your model of situational leadership is so lucid. Makes complete sense. Many other key takeaways but these resonated with me.”


The Alternative Board

“Kendra’s presentation brought a new level of awareness to our management group. The managers understood our company’s interview and hiring process, but Kendra was able to demonstrate why adding a personal touch to this process and beyond helps create stronger, better teams. She emphasized the simple ways managers can show they care about their team and the big impact that has on retention. ”

The Rochester Armored Car Team



Many founders and entrepreneurs start their businesses because they have an itch to solve a problem but reach a point where they realize they can’t do it on their own. They have to hire and now they’re a manager. Now they are truly leading and this is where most businesses fail unless they turn the corner. Every leader goes through a place where they hit this humbling moment. Hosted by Kendra Prospero, join us on How I Turned The Corner and hear stories from seasoned founders who experience this.

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